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Ironically, one of the coldest and least golf-friendly months has become my favorite time of the year to be a golf coach.  As the lesson tee slows down for many of us; social media activity ramps up, several big education events draw near, and it’s officially time to plan for a new year.

After 12 months of planning, acting, and measuring– we finally get to hit the reset button and look forward to the possibilities and promise of a fresh year.

By nature, most expert coaches are intensely goal-oriented.  After all, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping others realize their dreams, it’s only natural that we attack our own development with similar diligence and urgency.

Because most of us are already naturally inclined towards goals setting, I don’t think we need to delve into the importance of the process.  But, it might be worth discussing some possible drawbacks for the intensely goal-oriented and explore some ways in which we could improve the process to increase focus and motivation throughout the year.

In reflecting on the last year and reviewing the progress I made towards my own goals, it became clear that I may have bitten off more than I could chew.  I have a list of about 40 goals with additional actions associated to each one.  Despite a methodical and intense planning process, I often found myself overwhelmed and unsure on how to begin on the lengthy list of objectives.  And even though it was a good year by most measures, seeing all of those empty checkboxes is a bit disconcerting.

So this year, we wanted to refine our Annual Review process by creating a more straightforward guide to goal-setting.   Basically, we want you to identify 5 projects, 5 people, and 5 projections that will initiate massive action, enjoyment, and success for you in the new year.

As always, we want the ideas shared here to be actionable, so we’ve produced a downloadable form that you can easily fill out and keep handy to help you stay focused on the elements that will be most crucial to your coaching success in the new year.  Read through the brief descriptions below and then take a few minutes to take the first steps towards an epic 2015.




Choose 5 projects that will define your year.  Think big.  What are five missions that you could embark on that will make this the most pivotal year of your coaching career?  Embark on meaningful missions that are aligned with your unique set of passions, interests, and skills.  You’ll know that it’s a worthwhile pursuit if, when committing it to paper, you feel a bit of uneasiness– a little flutter of nerves that tells you this particular task will push you to the brink of your current abilities and comfort zone.  To complete this project, you’ll have to develop new skills and gain new experiences that guarantee progress towards your longer term objectives as a coach.  These are the types of challenges that infuse your daily routine with invigorating rushes of accomplishment as you move closer to completion.  Choose wisely.


Identify 5 People that could make a massive impact on your year.  Again, think big– accomplishing big goals is rarely a solo endeavor.  So we challenge you to pinpoint 5 people who can a) help you evolve as a coach and b) push you forward on your journey to accomplish the goals from the previous step.  Maybe they are doing work you admire or they represent a category of player your strive to work with.  These types of relationships can push us towards exciting challenges and open new doors.  Don’t limit yourself to your immediate network or to people who think like you.  Strive for a certain level of discomfort in this process.  Connecting with people won’t be easy, but it’ll certainly be worthwhile both in the immediate and distant future.


Forecast 5 metrics that will help you track your progress throughout the year.  How will gauge your success?  The metrics you choose should be quantifiable and provide clear feedback as to how you are progressing/performing on your big 5 Projects.  Are your goals based on financial success?  Player performance?  Student enrollment?  Lifestyle balance?  The big key here is that the numbers you project for yourself are within your control– the outcome can be clearly linked to the efforts you have made throughout the year.

Each year presents endless possibilities– much like how you would encourage an athlete or student to adopt such a perspective, it is equally important for us to do the same.  It is easy to get into a routine and to get comfortable with the status quo.  It is much more difficult to be bold and push yourself to see what you are capable of.  Click here to fill out the 5-5-5 Worksheet and when you’re done, place it in a highly visible part of your office so you will look at it regularly, as it serves as a friendly reminder – a compass to keep you pointed in the right direction and keep your actions closely aligned with your intentions.

May next year be your best year yet!

– Corey Lundberg & Matt Wilson

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