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Curious Coaches is a blog that aims to provide new ideas and solutions to golf coaches.  I am hopeful that each coach that reads the site will pick up some actionable ideas or solutions to apply in their coaching.

When I come across something that provides a spark for my coaching and I think other coaches could benefit– I will use this space to share it and present it in a way that encourages action.  With all the different methodologies in golf, you might not agree with all that you find here, but I am hopeful that it will always provoke thought and promote progress for readers.

To start, read the two new posts today.  Then you can find out more at the ABOUT page.

Moving forward, the topics covered on the site will always harp back to three main subjects: methods of coaching, the business of coaching, and tools for coaching.

The key theme that will be consistent among these topics will be CURIOSITY.  Defined as the ‘eager desire to know or learn something new’.  If that definition resonates with you, I hope you will come back often to check out new posts.  To sign up for updates, submit your email below.  No spam, just updates when a new post goes up.

It’s been a fun project to get this ready to share with other coaches and I’m excited to begin posting.  It’s a work in progress, so feedback is encouraged.  Thanks for visiting– enjoy our first posts and come back soon!


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