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Dear Coach Bashers and Forum Trolls:

I consider myself fortunate to be experiencing my formative coaching years in such an exciting era of golf instruction.  The vast digital landscape of our industry offers an unprecedented opportunity to connect, learn, and grow as a coach.  The best in the business are sharing their ideas through digital products and social media while offering constant access to direct interactions.

More frequently though, I am noticing a growing contingent of coach bashers on those same social networks.  And that’s where I have a bone to pick.  You’re disrupting a good thing for the rest of us.  

In your efforts to expose misinformation or the shortcomings of other coaches/methodologies, you’re actually halting the coaching community’s momentum.  Either arrogance or close-mindedness has produced incivility that undermines an excellent source of positive interaction and productive debate.  Now we have to navigate through the drivel and carefully avoid potential attacks.

I am all for healthy debate, it’s imperative to continue this positive push the golf world is currently experiencing.  Many coaches are standing up and questioning long-held truths.  Fresh and progressive ideas can now reach the masses and our cumulative coaching knowledge is expanding at an alarming rate.

So for that, I am willing to forgive some of the lesser sins like pot-stirring and instigating.  But, Bashers and Trolls, the brazen denouncements and unsolicited attacks only discredit any positive work done by you or your associates.  A certain amount of social aptitude is required when your job is to interact with other humans.  So when you are unable to exhibit humanity when debating with your peers, it reflects poorly on your ability to coach– regardless of how often you’re ‘right’.

Those that are on a mission for accountability and to inform are to be admired.  You’re the truth crusaders!  Ultimately, you strive to deliver truth to the golfing masses and I empathize with your plight, but some of you are going about it wrong.

Your comparative tactics are closing minds and suspending the very growth and change that you seek.  Unfortunately, any good ideas lose their potency when passive-aggressive condescension  is your most frequently utilized persuasive device.  Sharing your brilliance and proving it are two very different things.

When you go out of your way to scornfully highlight what you see as inaccuracies from other methodologies or coaches– it’s not only in poor taste– if you’re actually ‘right’, it’s redundant.  You see, I should already know it was bad information.  If you’ve succeeded in exposing other coaches and golfers to your innovative ideas, I didn’t need to see someone else’s mistake to know that you’re right.  The only thing I learned from your coach bashing is that you have allowed an intoxicating mix of ambition and ego to supersede your talent as a coach.

I may be early on my journey, but I have coached long enough to know that humility and compassion are essential accoutrements of expert coaches.  Not only do the best coaches maintain an open mind, but they also have an uncanny ability to open the minds of others.  Even in the face of extreme opposition, they can effect change by demonstrating humility, courtesy, respect, and authenticity.  Not ego.

While the bashing may produce a few vocal supporters, I can assure you that it alienates more peers than it garners support.  If I support someone on the wrong side of your bashing, by association, I too, am not up to the your coaching standards.  And, tread lightly, because we all make mistakes.  I have a feeling that peers will be less than forgiving when you make yours.

Your previous tactics may be effective in inciting controversy and provoking comments– but the negative approach will only get you noticed, a positive approach will get you respected.

So my plea to you is to continue on your mission, but do so while exhibiting civility.  Expose us to innovative ideas, question others in an effort to advance knowledge, share your fresh insights–it carries more weight when you do so with passion instead of disrespect.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone.  You can avoid wasting all that energy on attacking others and the rest of us can get back to learning.  And hopefully, learning from you!

We all know you have much to add to the conversation.


Corey Lundberg

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  1. Great article. There is a lot more to coaching than knowing everything, or thinking that you know everything.
    There have been great coaches before Doppler radar systems and maybe they said things that are not correct but they helped people play better and enjoy their golf more, and that is our job!

  2. You must have read my mind, Corey! But you have stated it much better than I could have. Great article!

  3. Corey, that was an excellent article. Thank you. I’m sure you speak for the quiet majority.

  4. Corey,
    Great article and very well stated. This is becoming a problem in our industry. Until we all maintain the mindset of being a servant to others it will continue. Keep up the great work as you are the next generation of great teachers that will focus on helping others that follow in your footsteps.

  5. I was blessed to work for Corey, his passion and drive for this great industry and game was not only infectious, but inspiring. Some time has past since then, but I still put many things I learned from him into my daily routine.

    Thanks again!

  6. Your ability to articulate the thoughts (that I am sure many of us have) while taking the high road the entire way is inspiring. Thank you for putting this out there to be reviewed by your peers and showing us all what that can really look like. Well written and much appreciated.

  7. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read and especially for taking the extra moment to comment. Reading them made my day.

    Great to hear it resonated with some other coaches. Hopefully the word gets out that there is a quiet majority thinking the same thing…

  8. Great article Corey. Needed saying and couldnt be said better. Lets hope the relevant people read it and take it to heart. I often see it as a crude form of marketing, lifting yourself up by knocking others down. If it happened to our children we would calll it bullying. Keep up the great work, thanks for sharing.

  9. Well said Corey!

    As a PGA Professional since the 1980’s I am sure that a great majority of us have been wrong at some time (maybe even many times) whilst doing our upmost to help people to enjoy this great game even more. TrackMan and others have given new insights or maybe sharpened our views and that is marvellous.

    But as you say, too many are pouring scorn over colleagues, many of whom have been very succesful as coaches for a great many years. I embrace your view and hope that some who have been too quick to judge (and sentence) will take a step back and think again about their behaviour.

  10. Wow! Great writing and information. I agree it’s all about sharing and growing. Let’s help each other learn and support one another. Humility, courtesy, and respect, words to live by. Corey, thanks for your thoughtfulness and for putting it out there.

  11. Well said Corey! At the very least, those who participate should show respect, humility and integrity throughout their exchanges. As my parents always said, ‘treat people the way you want to be treated and you can’t go wrong.” Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic!

  12. Wonderfully well put, and wise.

    And you hit the nail on the head with “…the negative approach will only get you noticed, a positive approach will get you respected.”

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