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introducing a new chapter

A little over two years ago, I reached a point where my consumption to creation ratio was a little disproportionate.  I was reading and studying far more than I was creating and sharing.  So– Curious Coaches was born.

It turned out to be one of the better decisions I’ve made.  Not only has it been a wonderful creative outlet, but it provided a great way  to connect and interact with other like-minded coaches.  Writing and researching new posts has forced me to critically examine my own ideas and I’ve gained greater clarity for my priorities and beliefs as a coach.  It’s been an invaluable endeavor thus far.

But for a while now, I’ve felt like it could be a bit more.  A busy coaching calendar and a new addition to my family have made for a sporadic writing schedule.  To fulfill my original goals for the site, it became evident that I needed a little help.

Enter Matt Wilson.

A new chapter of Curious Coaches begins today with the unveiling of a new look, a new posting schedule, and most importantly– a new partner.  I am very excited to introduce Matt Wilson as co-author of the blog moving forward.

Matt is a close friend with whom I share many of the same views on coaching.  Only he’s a lot smarter.  He’ll bring a new energy and perspective that will allow us to better achieve our primary goal– help coaches perform more effectively by providing actionable insights on topics related to learning, performance, and training.

Matt’s expertise and experience will strengthen our ability to accomplish that, as you’ll see with his first post tomorrow.  Matt’s addition also makes for a more friendly division of labor that will allow us to post more frequently– at least twice a month.

For more information on Matt, check out the About page and follow him on twitter- @mattwilsongolf.

Thank you to all that have read, shared, and commented over the last couple of years.  Hopefully you’ll continue to come here to find effective coaching tips and topics that you can apply, ponder, or modify for your own application.  The best is yet to come.  Stay tuned!

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